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newfoundland-visitors-1302 Canada
Hamilton, Ont.
Canadian General Life 
Firestone Canada 
Navistar Inc.
Office Dean of Medicine, McMaster Univ. 
Slater Steel corp.

Burlinton, Ont,
Schlegal Canada Inc.

Mississauga, Ont.
Spar Aerospace

Toronto, Ont.
Aiken and Capp
Cumis Life
Comlink Inc.
Constitutional Insurance
D.E.R. Tours
Eli Lily Canada
Facility Association
Goldlist Properities
Hamilton Group
H.J. Heinz
Indal Furniture systems
Ingram Micro
Laurentian Finanncial Services
McKinsey Group
McDonald & Haydon Barrister & Solicitors
Medcan Health Management
Petrof Partnership
P.O.I. Business Interiors
Royal Bank of Canada
Purdue Frederick Inc.

St Catherines, Ont.
York Hanover

Markham, Ont.
System Dynamics

Newmarket, Ont.
General Trust

Barrie, Ont.
Sterling Trust
Concord, Ont.
Con-Drain Corp
Aastra Telcom

Kingston, Ont.
AlmaMater Society Queen University
Chemistry Department Queen’s University
Norcom Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta
Canadian Occidental Petroleum
B. P. House
Edmonton, Alberta
J.E.E.P.S. Investment Ltd.

A.P. Dodd
Umwelt – und Fluid-Tecknik

Various Private Collections
Canada, United States, Europe


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